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Trey Songz- Anticipation 3 Mixtape (Review)



Photo by: Live Mixtapes

Songz supplies his fans with a slow burning and sensual mixtape to prepare for the release of his new studio album. 

But, this is more polished than one would expect from just a mixtape. 

On this body of work Trey sounds focused.  

Trey also brings along protegé MikexAngel for the ride. MikexAngel demonstrates impressive vocal range and a solid songwriting skill that is required to compete in today's music industry. 

 Its energetic production, edge, and intimacy value builds this project up for an easy listen. The features also compliment Trey without stealing away shine or inserting any dull moments. 

Time for you to be classy, time for you to be nasty, I got the time (x2), you ain’t never gotta ask me.” - I Got The Time







For those that believe Trey has lost a step over the years, this is for you.

Personal Favorites: Mind F**kin,  I Got The Time.


By, Justin Styles, Contributions from Live Mixtapes, and YouTube.

Photo, Live Mixtapes



The Forgotten Artist

LOS ANGELES, CA--Live performances build the foundation for a promising career in the music industry. Artists may start their rise to stardom at a place like the Promenade in Santa Monica, or at a warehouse event in Downtown, Los Angeles. November is usually full of festive events. Many artists come to these events with a competitive focus. They know that a good performance can lead to a life-changing opportunity. 

"When you get the opportunity to perform you have to give it your best. No matter how big, or small the venue is. There's always room to gain extra fans. There's always room for growth," says Hashim. 

       Photo By: Garrett LaBrie, Hashim, Artist 

       Photo By: Garrett LaBrie, Hashim, Artist 

Many musicians have a hard time breaking into the music industry. But performing the right shows can make that distant dream a reality.  Most artists know their presence on stage can get them the exposure that they are looking for. 

"Performing is definitely important for both upcoming and established artists. It's a chance to actively gain new fans," says Nate Park. 

            Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  Nate Park, Artist

            Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  Nate Park, Artist

According to LA Weekly, Some of the venues in Los Angeles that are bound to attract the best upcoming talent include: The Avalon, Los Globos, Masonic Lodge at Hollywood, and The Observatory. Concert-goers can pick and choose which venues they want to attend based on the intimacy and capacity of the venue. These venues book artists from a wide range of genres.

         Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  AD-8, DJ, Artist

         Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  AD-8, DJ, Artist

Events such as the "HAM on Everything" concert are thrown in the heart of a popular underground music scene in Los Angeles. 

VIDEO:  SmokePurpp's set at a HAM Event in Los Angeles

Modern artists today must have a unique plan to stand out. Some artists feel that they are overlooked and forgotten in Los Angeles. 

But the ones that remain consistent and fearless are the ones that become the next stars. 





By, Justin Styles, Contributions from LA Weekly, and YouTube.

Photo, Garrett LaBrie

Video, Ham On Everything



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CSUN's Big Show Concert

NORTHRIDGE, CA—Senior Producer of the Associated Students, Austin Hidalgo has produced the Big Show event for CSUN students since 2012. There are multiple producers who contribute and take on their own roles. Year after year there may be a new game plan, but the main objective stays the same. That is to make the event bigger than the year before.

The Big Show is modeled after other concert events. At the same time, it’s tailored for CSUN’s audience.

The producers find ways to take key elements from other successful concerts to help build the best experience possible for those in attendance.

“We get inspiration from other concerts, but we don’t do this event to compete. We do it how we want,” said Austin Hidalgo.


            Photo by: Justin Styles  Austin Hidalgo, Big Show Senior Producer

            Photo by: Justin Styles  Austin Hidalgo, Big Show Senior Producer

Hidalgo presented a confident demeanor when talking about his team’s plans for this year’s Big Show. On one side, there’s a production team composed of students who believe they have an idea of what artists students want to see.

On the other side, there are those students who believe the event doesn’t accurately depict what they want in terms of artists.

“I think that the event doesn’t give students the opportunity to choose who we want to see perform,” said CSUN student Robert Paiva.

Music is subjective, and that has a lot to do with how many people will purchase a ticket and attend the event. If the students don't like the performers then chances are they won’t care for the event.

Hidalgo took this into consideration and understood that it may be a factor the producers can’t control.

“I would love to book artists that I want to really see, but sometimes those artists aren’t the safest. They also may be out of our budget,” Hidalgo said.

Planning the safest event is a top priority.

According to the Sundial, 2011’s Big Show event had a total of seven alcohol-related incidents during the show. This skyrocketed to 25 alcohol related incidents by the 2013 Big Show event. These incidents led to a sexual assault and safety issues that had to be monitored by CSUN’s police. Many people who were in attendance needed medical assistance, which overwhelmed CSUN’s medical staff. Because of these past incidents, the producers of this year’s show decided to change the time and date to reduce the amount of alcohol-related incidents.

CSUN decided it was better to plan a concert that is safer and poses less of a liability for the school.

It is not believed by student producers that this compromise will hurt the event’s potential to expand to new heights.




VIDEO: Planning A Live Event

By, Justin Styles, Contributions from The Sundial, and YouTube.

Photo, Justin Styles

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