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The Forgotten Artist

LOS ANGELES, CA--Live performances build the foundation for a promising career in the music industry. Artists may start their rise to stardom at a place like the Promenade in Santa Monica, or at a warehouse event in Downtown, Los Angeles. November is usually full of festive events. Many artists come to these events with a competitive focus. They know that a good performance can lead to a life-changing opportunity. 

"When you get the opportunity to perform you have to give it your best. No matter how big, or small the venue is. There's always room to gain extra fans. There's always room for growth," says Hashim. 

       Photo By: Garrett LaBrie, Hashim, Artist 

       Photo By: Garrett LaBrie, Hashim, Artist 

Many musicians have a hard time breaking into the music industry. But performing the right shows can make that distant dream a reality.  Most artists know their presence on stage can get them the exposure that they are looking for. 

"Performing is definitely important for both upcoming and established artists. It's a chance to actively gain new fans," says Nate Park. 

            Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  Nate Park, Artist

            Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  Nate Park, Artist

According to LA Weekly, Some of the venues in Los Angeles that are bound to attract the best upcoming talent include: The Avalon, Los Globos, Masonic Lodge at Hollywood, and The Observatory. Concert-goers can pick and choose which venues they want to attend based on the intimacy and capacity of the venue. These venues book artists from a wide range of genres.

         Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  AD-8, DJ, Artist

         Photo By: Garrett LaBrie,  AD-8, DJ, Artist

Events such as the "HAM on Everything" concert are thrown in the heart of a popular underground music scene in Los Angeles. 

VIDEO:  SmokePurpp's set at a HAM Event in Los Angeles

Modern artists today must have a unique plan to stand out. Some artists feel that they are overlooked and forgotten in Los Angeles. 

But the ones that remain consistent and fearless are the ones that become the next stars. 





By, Justin Styles, Contributions from LA Weekly, and YouTube.

Photo, Garrett LaBrie

Video, Ham On Everything



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